Mark Webber Girlfriend

It looks like Mark Webber girlfriend is Ann Neal and they share their personal life together as a couple. It looks like this racer has been born in 1979 in Australia, but he has decided to move to UK in order to continue his career as a driver. He has moved to UK in 1995 and he became the driver f Formula 1. It looks that his first team in Formula 1 was called Minardi and he drove with them for a couple of years, but later on he moved to Williams team. Thus he must not have been fully content with this team, because after two years spent with them he signed the contract with Red Bull Racing team in 2007. Further it was this particular team that helped him to achieve his results, because he was in the top ten Formula 1 drivers ranked ad third one in the season of 2010 and 2011.

And the current Mark Webber girlfriend is – Ann Neal

It looks like when most of the stars try to hide their relationship Mark Webber girlfriend is known for everyone because he is not the type of person that would like to hide this fact that he is dating. It looks like even though Mark Webber girlfriend is not famous or anything else, but they both as a couple attract a lot of attention from the media and from the public also. It looks like the reasons because they attract so much attention are not the ones that usually are named among celebrities. Even though they have a long term relationship and they are perfect together it looks like the basic reason that people are so interested in them is that Mark Webber girlfriend is ten years older than him and this seems to be interesting for the media.
Thus Mark Webber girlfriend and Mark share a great love story together. It looks like just as Mark, Mark Webber girlfriend also comes from Australia and she also moved to UK in order to continue her career and this worked for her as well as it did for Mark. As soon as Ann started to work for Mark as his personal assistant it looks like they fell in love with each other. It looks like this couple is really strong, because they give all the support for one another and their relationship last for long and hopefully will continue to be strong in the future, because they base their relationship on trust and confidence.

mark webber girlfriend

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