Maroon 5 Girlfriend

So it looks like Behati Prinsloo can be called as Maroon 5 girlfriend, because Adam Levine, which is the lead singer of this group, is usually named as Maroon 5, so it is natural that Behati is called as Maroon 5 girlfriend. It looks like just recently Adam got back with Victoria’s Secret model and that is the reason why she can be called as Maroon 5 girlfriend again, because it looks like their relationship were broken off for some time, but it looks like it is a good thing that they got together again, because Adam seems to be ready to take the next step and get their relationship into the next level and be happy together with Behati.

And the current Maroon 5 girlfriend is – Behati Prinsloo

So it appears that Adam has decided to settle down and he looks to be ready to this change in his life. He has been The Voice judge and he is 34 years old so it looks like it is really about time to settle down. Maroon 5 girlfriend is 24 years old and she is model and it looks like the couple is going to walk down the aisle any time soon, because they are getting married. It appears that splitting up sometimes hels the couples to understand what they really want from each other and from life in general, because after they came back to each other it looks like their relationship are as serious as they have never been before.
It looks like Maroon 5 girlfriend has been asked the question while they were in LA and her response was obviously positive so they are engaged. Further it looks like the couple is glad to announce about their engagement and the fact that they are getting married soon for the media, because his representative has stated that they are thrilled about these news. So Maroon 5 girlfriend and Adam Levine have started dating last year just after he broke up with his longtime girlfriend and also a model. So Adam must have something when it comes to picking out girls, because he appears to like models most. Thus it also looks like the time when they broke up there was another model that the media began to call as Maroon 5 girlfriend, because he was going out with her. So Adam was lucky that Behati welcomed him back and that they are together again and getting married and that she is called as Maroon 5 girlfriend again.

maroon 5 girlfriend

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