Martina Navratilova Girlfriend

It appears that Martina Navratilova girlfriend who is Julia Lemigova had a rough past and her life was not as easy as for most people. The first time, when Martina was spotted with her girl, was when they were having vacation in the south of France and that was the first time when Martina Navratilova girlfriend was pictured together with Martina. Not only they are girlfriends, but also the pictures show that both of these women are wearing a ring on their left hand finger, so it may be possible that they are engaged.

And the current Martina Navratilova girlfriend is – Julia Lemigova

Martina has a crush for former beauty queens, because the current Martina Navratilova girlfriend has been selected once Miss Soviet Union and she was the last Miss that the Soviet Union had because it collapsed. But Martina Navratilova girlfriend still got the chance to represent her nation in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Not only that she is beautiful, but also intelligent, because Julia can speak four languages fluently and they are: Italian, English, Russian and French. She chose to live in Paris since nineties and was content with her choice. It was a smart thing to do, because she owns Joiya spa in Paris.
Martina Navratilova girlfriend became famous in 2005 and not by her own choice, it just so happened, that her former lover was murdered by his mistress. Their story was quite hard, because Martina Navratilova became the mistress of the banker Stern, when he was still married and claimed that she is going to have a baby from him and that was when he left his wife in order to be with her. And in 1999 she gave birth to their son, but his life was tragic and did not last for so long. In 2000 a tragedy happened, because the child died because of internal injuries and the main suspect was the nanny that was hired not long ago and who disappeared after the death of the child.
Thus not only that Martina Navratilova girlfriend has problems, but Martina has her own ones, because her former relationship also was not splendid. The former Martina Navratilova girlfriend is suing her, in order to get compensation because of her mental and emotional trauma, she states that Martina threw her out of their luxurious home and out of secure life that they both shared. So it seems that they both share a difficult past, but their future is just yet to come.

martina navratilova girlfriend martina navratilova girlfriend

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