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Matt Lanter girlfriend Angela Stacy is no longer only his girlfriend but also his wife, because after years spent together they finally decided to get married. Matt Lanter girlfriend walked down the aisle with a custom made dress that was fabulous and made by a known designer when The Bittersweet Symphony played and that made Matt breathless, because everything seemed to be perfect and just how they wanted. Matt states that it was the happiest moment of his life and he was thrilled to marry the love of his life, who was perfect and Matt Lanter girlfriend added that there was something special about this day that made her as happy as she could have been.

And the current Matt Lanter girlfriend is – Angela Stacy

The engagement of these two happened after three years of them being together. Matt Lanter girlfriend went to Paris with Matt in order to celebrate their anniversary and it seems that Matt asked her there, he made it really romantic and she could not say no. Matt decided to make it as it is supposed to be, he got onto one knee and opened a box where lied 4.2-carat diamond on a diamond ring and then asked the question of his life if Matt Lanter girlfriend wants to become his wife.
Matt Lanter began his carrier in 2004 when he participated in one show dedicated to finding handsome models that would be worth winning and even though this did not work for him and he had to forget his modeling carrier this helped in order to achieve something as an actor. So in 2005 he had the chance to act in teen drama teen drama Point Pleasant and after this he won a permanent role in Commander in Chief alongside Donald Sutherland, which was a political drama, so his carrier began to make a lot of money. Matt Lanter girlfriend can be proud because he managed to achieve it by himself.
Matt Lanter girlfriend and Matt began their relationships in 2009 and ever since then they are content with one another and Matt was thrilled to marry the kind of person that he has dreamed about for all of his life. Even though Matt plays roles of men who like to date different women in real life he likes to be with one person that is perfectly suitable with him. As Matt Lanter girlfriend became his wife, they can plan to make their family even bigger, because they love is real.

matt lanter girlfriend

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