Matthew Morrison Girlfriend

It looks like the actor that is one of the television series Glee star has finally decided to commit for hi girlfriend and asked her to marry him. The Us Weekly has confirmed that he finally decided to ask the question that is going to change his life. It appears that Matthew Morrison girlfriend has been with him for two years now and the actor decided that it is about time to take their relationship into the next level so he made his proposal. It seems that Matthew Morrison girlfriend named Renee Puente is a model and the lucky day for her was the 27th of June, because this was the time that Matthew made his offer and asked nicely if she is going to marry him.

And the current Matthew Morrison girlfriend is – Renee Puente

It looks that the way that this news spread is through people that were attending one charitable event. It looks like two good friends of Matthew named Elton John and David Furnish used these news in order to get more money for good causes. They have stated that Matthew Morrison girlfriend was engaged to him and in this way they expected to gain more money for the foundation that was create in order to help for AIDS victims and looks like this worked for them.
It appears that not only Matthew, but his friends also like Matthew Morrison girlfriend because a source notes that they adore her and like to be together with them both so this is a good thing for him that he managed to find this kind of girl. It appears that his friends note that Matthew Morrison girlfriend makes him as happy as he has never been in his life before and his friends notice this change in him. It appears that not only Matthew Morrison girlfriend supports him on his career as an actor she also tries to make her career bigger and that is great. So it looks like they suit each other perfectly and they are happy together.
Matthew Morrison girlfriend is 26 years old and Matthew himself is 34 so their age difference is not s big and they are seen spending a lot of time together. Further Matthew states that he is content that Matthew Morrison girlfriend is not an actress he states that they like to stay at home and make their own dinner, because they like to cook and it looks like they are not that Hollywood.

matthew morrison girlfriend matthew morrison girlfriend

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