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It looks like the actor Mel Gibson likes to change his women in a fast way. Thus it looks like the star was going out with Nadia Lanfranconi for some time, because they were spotted on a couple of dates and she was even called as Mel Gibson girlfriend on the media, but it looks like he did not want to spend a lot of time with her and they are no longer seen together anywhere. Thus it looks like the actor is already called as a ladies man, because he changes his women in a really fast way. Just after he was no longer seen with Nadia, who was already called as Mel Gibson girlfriend he was spotted with another woman in Malibu. It looks like the one that he is spotted with is closer to his age; the actor is 56 years old. And the mystery date was together with him during one Sunday night.

And the current Mel Gibson girlfriend is – Single

It looks like the actor likes not traditional food and they were having a dinner, together with his new date in one sushi bar and they were spotted over each other during the time in the bar so maybe she can be called as the new Mel Gibson girlfriend or at least it looks this way. It looks like he was whispering something into her air and he was holding his hand around her so she seems to be a potential Mel Gibson girlfriend, because he was getting close to her. All the time they were giggling and chatting so they have what to talk about. It looks like after they had their dinner they both went out and the actor showed off the outfit that he was wearing in order to impress the potential Mel Gibson girlfriend.
Thus it looks like Mel did not have anything in common with Lanfranconi because they were really spending their time together and they have been doing it for some time but she must not have everything needed in order to become Mel Gibson girlfriend. And even though she has had a bad time when she moved to Hollywood, because she has notes that it was really hard to find friends that would be close to her it looks like finding herself a man is even harder. Thus she has stated that in making a career in Hollywood it is perfect but not in making friends.

mel gibson girlfriend

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