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Some celebrities can be proud of being famous and having a lot of money or having a girlfriend for more than half of the year. But Messi girlfriend gave birth to his first baby boy and now a famous footballer says that he is the most happy man in the world.
Their son‘s name is Thiago and Messi is so proud of the child that he says that his son is the greatest gift from God. He also thanks his family for all the support and sends hugs for everyone.

And the current Messi girlfriend is – Antonella Rocuzzo

Messi girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo was in Barcelona‘s hospital when 25 years old was excused from a training on Friday morning and came to visit her and wait for his son to arrive in this world.
With the knowledge of Messi girlfriend and the footballer himself, the club even put an announcement when Messi girlfriend gave a birth to Messi‘s son. Some Spanish and Argentina outlets also reported about Messi‘s son birth.

During the interview earlier this year, Messi said that he is really looking forward to become a father. He added that he feels prepared for his sons arrival and that it is time when he should be responsible not only for himself, but for his son too.
Of course, the couch of the club is really expecting Messi to play on a match against Celta Vigo on Saturday, just after Messi girlfriend gave birth to their son. It is said that he will be playing although they gave him a permission to skip training. The couch believes that even though Messi girlfriend gave birth to his first child, Messi will not lose concentration over this and will play as good as he always does.

Still we can say that having a first baby is not a top of Messi‘s career. He reached a lot of individual scoring records previously in his career. What is more, Messi is two more goals away from reaching a new record. We really hope that his son will be an inspiration, not a drawback for his career. What is more, we believe that now things with Messi girlfriend are pretty serious and maybe we should way for some wedding bells now?

Now it is only up to you to decide whether Messi should spent less time with his career and take more care of his child, or not. Maybe he will be able to balance his career and personal life just perfectly.

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