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Rumours about famous people love life will never get boring and millions of people who are waiting for new Mesut Ozil girlfriend gossips just prove that I am right.
Well, it is said that there is a new Mesut Ozil girlfriend. A famous footballer Mesut Ozil who is currently playing for Real Madrid football club is dating Mandy Capristo at the moment. Ex Mesut Ozil girlfriend Anna Maria and the footballer himself do not get in touch anymore although they have dated since 2009.

And the current Mesut Ozil girlfriend is – Mandy Capristo

A new Mesut Ozil girlfriend and the star himself were seen shopping together in Madrid. Of course, they looked quite happy and intimate with other and that is how the rumours started to spread since the early year of 2012.

His current girlfriend Mandy Grace Capristo was born in the March 21, 1990. She is quite well known singer, songwriter model and even and dancer so we cannot blame Mesut Soil for falling for her. Although new Mesut Ozil girlfriend is German, it does not look like she has language barrier and probably they do not have any complications in communicating with each other.
Mandy Grace Capristo father was Vittorio Capristo who actually originated from Italy. Her mother, though, was a German and in the very end Mandy ended up in growing in Germany.

A new Mesut Ozil girlfriend has an artistic side and that is a quite obvious thing after seeing all the professions she has. When she was only a four year old girl, she started to attend gymnastics, dance and later even piano classes.
What is more, Mandy has announced her new solo which is called The Way I like It. Hopefully, this is a song about Mesut‘s and hers relationship!
Although she has published some songs before but it was only for the Tabaluga project and a feature film Rapunzel which made her famous in Germany, her first album is only to be release as soon as possible.

As we said before, a new Mesut Ozil girlfriend does not have any language barrier. As she says herself, she feels quite comfortable with her English language and it is even better to talk for her that way. She did not forget her native language which is German, but it is more comfortable for her to talk this way. It looks, like there are just no obscurities in Mesut Ozil and Mandy Capristo relationship.

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