Michael Buble Girlfriend

Not only that Michael Buble girlfriend exist, but he has made her his wife and not only this, they are expecting to have a baby and the famous singer is really happy about this and his Argentinian wife is also content about the way that their life is going. It appears that Michael Buble girlfriend has a YouTube channel and that was the first place, where Michael himself announced that they are going to have a baby, he did it in one video and then posted it so that the world could be happy together with them. The video was made perfectly nice, because in the background there was one of the singer’s songs playing and there were plenty of pictures of him and Michael Buble girlfriend and not only that the news were announced in English, he also made the statement about their family getting bigger in Spanish language.

And the current Michael Buble girlfriend is – Luisana Lopilato

The video had a nice content. Michael was thanking for many people. For example he thanked their both families that they gave them all the support that they need and he used the opportunity in order to thank for his friends that give him and Michael Buble girlfriend all the hugs in order to congratulate them with their pregnancy and further, one of the most important things that he stated in his video, was thanking God, that they have this nice opportunity to become parents. Michael has states before in various interviews that he loves children and that he would love to have one with Michael Buble girlfriend, but just when she is going to be ready, because he did not want to push her into this, so apparently she became ready and now they both are happy and expecting the moment when their child will be born.
Michael notes that many of his friends already have children and he is kind of jealous for them, because besides always being an uncle he dreamed of becoming a father. Michael Buble girlfriend became his wife in March, 2011 when they got married in Buenos Aires, before their marriage they were a couple for two years and apparently that was enough for them to get to know each other and to make their love even stronger than in the beginning. Thus it is not clear how long Michael Buble girlfriend is pregnant, because they kept this for themselves, but the joy of becoming parents is shared with the world.

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