Michael C. Hall Girlfriend

It seems that there was a time when Jennifer Carpenter, who is the co-star of television series of Michael was named as Michael C. Hall girlfriend, but this has changed. In the past he has even been married to the former Michael C. Hall girlfriend and once they were happy together, but their relationship went wrong and they decided to end their relationship after some time in marriage and after two years of his brake up he has made his appearance with the new Michael C. Hall girlfriend named Morgan Macgregor. They were seen together in 2012 Emmy Awards. At first all of his fans began to wonder who this lady is and could she be called as the new Michael C. Hall girlfriend and apparently she can be called this way and they are together as a couple.

And the current Michael C. Hall girlfriend is – Morgan Macgregor

Michael C. Hall girlfriend looked perfect during this public event, because they both were dressed in black and were matching and they looked fantastic together. First, the new Michael C. Hall girlfriend is Canadian and it appears that she is a big fan of reading different books. Her profession is book critic and she is also an Associate Editor at Los Angeles Review of Books, so she must like to read a lot and she is interested in different authors and their books, so she must be smart and pretty. Thus, Michael C. Hall girlfriend has revealed once what her favorite book is and it is a book written by Donna Tartt The Secret History. It is a novel about one murder of a man that has killed his close college friend and how this murder has change is relationship with the group that was still left alive. It looks like not only that she likes to read, but Michael C. Hall girlfriend also likes to write books and she is writing one of her own right now, thus she has not revealed about what it is going to be and what will be the main idea.
Further, Michael C. Hall has such a big interest on books that it looks like she would like to open a book store of her own and this is understandable, so maybe Michael is going to help her to achieve this dream one day and she could own all the books that she would like to. Thus, Michael C. Hall girlfriend seems to be nice and smart, so he is lucky to have her.

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