Michael Clarke Girlfriend

It appears that the new Michael Clarke girlfriend is a model names Kyly Boldy and there is no difficulties in describing her as soon as people get to see her pictures in which she looks perfect and stunning. It looks like this model might have attracted the attention of Michael by her looks. She is a model that participates in all kind of photo shoots so this might be the reason that there are plenty of pictures on the internet of her where she looks fantastic. It looks like Michael has had another girl in the past that he has been going on with in a serious way and Lara Bingle was named as Michael Clarke girlfriend, but their relationship broke of and he got over her as soon as he could.

And the current Michael Clarke girlfriend is – Kyly Boldy

So after his former relationship Michael, who is a cricketer has moved on pretty quick and he began to date another woman, who is an underwear model and also a TV presenter. So the new Michael Clarke girlfriend is perfect in her body lines, because in order to be an underwear model she has to keep her figure perfect and the fact that she is also a television presenter shows that not only her body is perfect but she also has a nice face and knows how to act in front of the camera. It looks like the new couple has been seen enjoying their time spent together in different places. Different magazines have written articles about them stating where they have been together spending their time. Further it looks like Michael Clarke girlfriend has been relaxing together with him in his famous Bondi Beach apartment that is worth 6 million of dollars, so she must be really special, because he took her to this special place.
Michael Clarke girlfriend has won different awards when it comes to her modeling career, so Michael can be proud of her and her achievements. A source that is close to Michael states that the new Michael Clarke girlfriend is perfect for him and that she is a perfect Bingle replacement. It looks like Kyly seems to be a lovely girl who is down to earth and a source states that they really like each other. Thus Michael Clarke girlfriend was not in search of a high profile man and now she is with him, although Clarke’s representative neither confirms nor denies the fact that they are together.

michael clarke girlfriend

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