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Michael Ealy girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada is no longer just his girl, but they got married, so she became also his wife and they are enjoying their marriage together. Michael is a famous actor that is known all over the world, he has been nominated in 2007 in the Golden Globe nomination for the movie Sleeper Cell. Their marriage was quiet and simple, because they did not want to attract a lot of attention to themselves; they wanted to have the celebration jus for them.

And the current Michael Ealy girlfriend is – Khatira Rafiqzada

Michael Ealy girlfriend has been dating hi for almost four years before they got married and started their life as husband and wife. The representative of Michael told the People magazine that the couple got married in Los Angeles and that it was finally time to become a family for them both.
Due to the fact that Michael Ealy girlfriend and Michael himself are really quite and they do not want to attract a lot of attention his representative stated that they made their ceremony quietly, so that they can enjoy each other for some time, before sharing the news with the world and after the time passed they decided to announce the news that he is happy with Michael Ealy girlfriend and their marriage is perfect.
Of course Michael had other girlfriends before meeting Khatira. He was in a relationship with the actress Halle Berry, who was even seven years older than him. The former Michael Ealy girlfriend met him on the set of a movie where they acted together called Their Eyes Were Watching God, but the couple lasted for just almost a year and they split up in 2005. Thus, former Michael Ealy girlfriend is still a good friend of his and he only has nice things to say about her, because one of Halle’s ex-boyfriends called her crazy and Michael defended her stating that he has never felt that she is crazy.
Michael Ealy girlfriend can be calm about him, because Michael has stated that when he gets married he wants to make it right, because his parents have been together for many years even 43 and he thinks that it is a great example how a family should last and be happy. So it looks that Michael was serious about marriage and Michael Ealy girlfriend was the lucky one that he decided to marry and be with for the rest of his life if everything turns out to be well.

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