Michael Fassbender Girlfriend

Louise Hazel can be called the new Michael Fassbender girlfriend. It seems that Michael is out of the rink, even though a lot of women have him on their list, because he started to date Louis, who is British Olympian, after they met in London.

And the current Michael Fassbender girlfriend is – Louise Hazel

Michael and Louise have been spotted together dinning and having fun and sources state that they have declared that they are together. Michael Fassbender girlfriend was seen talking to him during his filming of the X-Men and since then he has been coming back to London to see her again.
However there were other females in his past that could be called Michael Fassbender girlfriend. He has dates an actress named Nicole Beharie and also another actress that has acted with him in X Men: First Class named Zoe Kravitz. It seems that Michael picks out girls while acting or filming a movie because both of these have been acting together with him. He states himself that his love life has been not as good as his acting carrier.
In 2012, Michael who is 38-year-old has admitted to one magazine that he is a family man and would love to have one and be happy, but as long as his acting carrier is so good he thinks that it would not be fair for Michael Fassbender girlfriend to wait all the time for him at home until he comes back. He thinks it is a hard work to be in this business and at the same time give a lot of time to his girlfriend, and he wants to be a good man for her.
Louise Hazel, who is at the moment Michael Fassbender girlfriend, participated in the London Olympics last summer, but it was a shame, she did not win, she came in at the place 27, while the first place was taken by another athlete. Although she did not win her Olympics she has won the heart of Michael and they seem to be happy together at least at the moment, because no one knows what the future brings.
Louse Hazel is proud of her status as Michael Fassbender girlfriend and she loves spending time with him, riding on his motorbike and just being together. Also, men can perfectly understand why Michael choose Louise, when they see her in the pictures in that blue dress, that she wore on the red carpet, because she looks stunning.

michael fassbender girlfriend

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