Michael Jordan Girlfriend

Michael Jordon girlfriend is not only his girlfriend anymore they married each other in a lavish wedding ceremony in Palm Beach. They have been a couple for a long time and the former basketball star finally decided to marry his girlfriend. Michael Jordon girlfriend has dated hi for five years and they have lived together for four years. There were 500 witnesses of their union and they were content about it in the church and 1.5000 joined them when they were celebrating their marriage and having a party.

And the current Michael Jordan girlfriend is – Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan girlfriend is fifteen years younger than him, he is 50 and she is 35 and when their marriage happened not only that she became his wife, but also the stepmother of three grown children of Michael, that he has from his former marriage with Juanita Vanoy that happened for seventeen years.
Michael Jordan girlfriend has a famous past, because she has dated Enrique Iglesias older brother named Julio Iglesias junior, who is the son of the famous singer Julio Iglesias. He has stated about the present Michael Jordan girlfriend that she is a very good person, extremely lovely and good. But something went wrong in their relationships and they came to an end.
The place where Michael Jordan girlfriend met him is not so ordinary. They met in one night club when one and another was having fun and dancing. They met in the year 2008 in one club in Miami and in 2009 they started to live together and share their life. In 2011 he decided to propose for her and make their relationships official.
Michael Jordan girlfriend wore an amazing dress during their wedding, which was custom made for her and witch could be worn by a princess. Her dress was made by a famous designer named J’Aton Couture and was made from French silk. It was handmade and also covered with Swarovski crystals. Furthermore, the wedding reception had a lot of famous guests and there were such singers in their wedding named Usher and Robin Thicke. And Michael Jordan girlfriend chose a cake that was perfect for her made of seven layers and rum.
It looks like they are made for one another and that Michael Jordan girlfriend was suitable for him, because he decided to marry her. They wanted to have a big marriage and they had it and know their life continues as a family.

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