Michael Pitt Girlfriend

Jamie Bochert is said to be Michael Pitt girlfriend. They have been attending all kind of events together and they have been seen enjoying their time. Further there are plenty of pictures of this couple on the internet that prove about their relationship. It looks like Michael Pitt girlfriend is a model, but she is not making her career as a model so famous anymore, because it looks like she wants to do something that would be connected to dancing, because she has been studying dancing as a teenager. It looks like she stopped taking up modeling carrier and began to take up music, because music is the thing that she wants to be in. it looks like not only she can be called as Michael Pitt girlfriend, but she is also engaged to him and he is a front man of a group called Pagoda.

And the current Michael Pitt girlfriend is – Jamie Bochert

It looks like Michael Pitt girlfriend has also tried herself out in movies, because she has appeared in the film Perfect Partner which was created by a musician Frances Wolf. Thus it looks like she has decided to come back to modeling after all and has recently decided to do this. Even though she stated herself that music is her main priority she also wants to be in modeling. It looks like Michael Pitt girlfriend also lives with Pitt and they share a home in Brooklyn and it is a good thing that there is a record studio in it, because she is currently recording songs in her home. It looks like Michael Pitt girlfriend had the chance to be a backup for Patti Smith in one of her concerts in Paris and this was a big experience for her.
Further, it looks like in one interview she has talked about her music and about the way that Michael Pitt girlfriend loves it. Thus it looks like she is tired of recording by herself, because she states that she has made records in her home and that she is tired of this and she does not know what to do with them. Michael Pitt girlfriend states that after she decided to step away from her modeling carrier she has been trying to figure out her music and the way that she wants to make it and write songs also, so maybe any time soon she is going to get famous as a great singer and Michael Pitt girlfriend is going to find her way in music.

michael pitt girlfriend

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