Miguel Girlfriend

Plenty of people think that Miguel girlfriend named Nazanin Mandi is perfect, because of her looks and because she suits him and a lot of men would want to date someone who looks like this. Miguel girlfriend is always with him and they attend different events together where photographers can enjoy taking pictures of this couple because they look so good, both of them.

And the current Miguel girlfriend is – Nazanin Mandi

Miguel girlfriend was born in Valencia. From the early ages of her life she knew and everyone around her new that she is made to be in show business. At the age of three she started singing and dancing and took up her modeling carrier since she was just ten years old. When she was fifteen she got the chance to show her vocal abilities and since then her carrier only went up.
Miguel girlfriend has a talent and a lot of people understand that, she has participated in many singing competitions including American Idol. Further the girl does not stop there; she has also participated in reality talent competition. Not only that she appeared on different competitions on television, she has also made her carrier in acting in movies. She has acted in Disney Channel’s family comedy and other films. Thus, Miguel girlfriend has also participated in different music videos and she has been chosen as a host of different television shows and can be knows for participating in different commercials. So her talent does not end in having abilities to do something in particular sphere, she is able to do things everywhere, where she takes up the challenge.
Further not only that Miguel girlfriend can sing, she can do it in five different languages and she has studied jazz and other types of music, so she is also really capable in making her music. She has signed with Soul Diggaz Rock and she hopes to release her debut album in the near future and her fans also hope that it comes out soon enough.
Miguel girlfriend has been with him for over than five years now. Even though many people thought that Miguel might be homosexual and that he is about to came out and declare his sexual state they were wrong and these rumors were based on nothing. So now when people know that Miguel girlfriend is not only existing, but she is one of the most beautiful girls that they have ever seen the rumors about his sexual orientation seem funny.

miguel girlfriend miguel girlfriend

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