Milo Ventimiglia

It looks like Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend is no longer Hayden Panettiere, because the couple broke up and their brake up did not shock many people, because they saw it coming because of a simple reasons. It looks like Milo is older than the actress herself. He is 31 years old and she is only 19 so she can be called just as a teenager yet. It looks like there are rumors about their brake up and why did it happen. So it looks like Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend was given the ultimatum either she marries him or else they end their relationship. It looks like Milo was really serious about Hayden and he has wanted to marry her since the day that they met each other and this looks normal, because it is time for him to get married but it looks like the former Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend is too young to get into this kind of relationship and to get married.

And the current Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend is – Single

Thus it looks like the only thing that was holding them together was the television show Heroes where they both had roles and Milo wanted to make it official that he wants to marry her until the television show did not come to an end but it looks like he made it worse because now he does not have her not like a fiancé but also not like a girlfriend. It looks like the former Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend has stated in one interview that she is focusing on her career as an actress and wants to spend the biggest part of her time on it, because she wants to become a great actress and the fact that Milo wanted to marry her might have gotten in the way for her to do this. It looks like there are sources stating that their brake up happened because of a lifestyle conflict and this is understandable.
It looks like the source notes that they stayed as friends and even though she is no longer Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend they do not have hard feelings on one another. It looks like the time when they both dated they did not go out in public because of their age difference at first but latter on they stated about their relationship and now it was time to end them because they are going in different directions and Hayden is no longer Milo Ventimiglia girlfriend.

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