Nathan Kress Girlfriend

Nathan Kress has been linked to many women and there are plenty of rumors about Nathan Kress girlfriend and who she is and as always most of these rumors are based on nothing and spread among his fans that make up a lot of things in order to know other people opinion. Nathan in deed is dating someone and that special girl for him is Madisen Hill, who can be proud of being known as Nathan Kress girlfriend.

And the current Nathan Kress girlfriend is – Madisen Hill

Nathan Kress girlfriend, who was born in 1993 in the beautiful month of June, is a person that has many abilities and knows how to use then. First of all she is an actress that has appeared on many television shows such as Live, Life, and Win. She has been seen on many episodes of this television series and can be recognized from it. She has also made her appearance in other television show and her most important project right now is the upcoming television series Madison that is going to be about a girl just like she was that is trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a singer and a dancer. Further she has made an appearance on television show iCarly where she met Nathan.
Nathan Kress girlfriend is also a dancer and she has appeared on stage during the 2009 Kids Choice Awards where she was a backup dancer for a group Pussycat Dolls that used to be really popular. Not only that she is a dancer, she loves to sing and has been on one show showing her abilities. The show was called The Randy and Ryan Show. She has also appeared in music video for Nickelback where she played a mother, who dies after giving birth to her child and that is a really sensitive song. Nathan Kress girlfriend likes to take up different challenges, so she used to be a cheerleader in school and she seemed good at it.
Nathan Kress girlfriend met him in one charity event that took place in 2009 and since then they seem to like each other a lot. The nickname of Nathan Kress girlfriend is Madi and he likes to call her this way, because it sounds good for him. So Nathan Kress girlfriend is making her way fast in show business and she is great at taking up different things, that work out for her and even though the couple does not talk about their relationship, she is a great girl.

nathan kress girlfriend nathan kress girlfriend

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