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The famous singer Ne-Yo is known because of his love songs and the fact that he makes his music so great and has a spectacular voice so there should be someone special in his life that he could dedicate his songs to. And it appears that there was someone called as Ne-Yo girlfriend, but for some kind of reasons the singer decided to brake off his relationship and is single and on the market again. The most recent girl that he has been with is Monyetta Shaw and they looked like a nice couple so what happened?

And the current Ne-Yo girlfriend is – Single

It appears that the fact that he is successful in his singing career does not make him successful in everything that he does and sometimes he does messy things that he could regret one day or maybe not. It appears that he likes to put a lot of things on the internet on his accounts and people know what is happening in his life just from these places, so sometimes it looks like he is still like a child and not a grown up and it appears that he decided to announce about the brake with Ne-Yo girlfriend on the internet on his account and that does not surprise his fans.
Even though he has created a nice picture with nice words about a long time partner of his Ne-Yo girlfriend, but the fact was that they have broken up and not only this, they have children together so it going to be hard for the children the most. Even though he has stated that the former Ne-Yo girlfriend is going to be forever in his life it looks like this did not get in the way for him to announce about their brake up and as he states in the picture himself the fate decided to tear them apart.
For this statement the singer achieved a lot of bad opinions because people state that he was not supposed to put this on the Instagram and that this is not nice from his side and that they still love the former Ne-Yo girlfriend, so maybe this was a really bad decision. It looks like there was something going wrong between them and if they want to brake-up they should not have done it on the media and draws everyone’s attention to it, because now they might get a lot of bad opinions about them.

ne-yo girlfriend

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