Nick Carter Girlfriend

Not only that Lauren Kitt is known as Nick Carter girlfriend, he has also proposed to her recently. It looks like the singer of a famous group Backstreet Boys has finally decided to take the next step after four years spend together with the woman that he loves and adores. It appears that he tried to make the proposal special, because he arranged a trip to an island in Florida Keys together with a couple of friends and Nick Carter girlfriend father, so he is sentimental about this. It looks like Nick, who is 33 years old wanted to make his proposal just as it is supposed to be so that Nick Carter girlfriend, who is 29 years old would agree.

And the current Nick Carter girlfriend is – Lauren Kitt

Nick Carter girlfriend is a fitness expert and also an actress and Nick has stated to one magazine that he was carrying the ring for a couple of weeks together with him in his pocket and it was really hard not to do anything and just to keep it there. He states that he did not want to keep the ring there anymore and wanted to see it on the hand of Nick Carter girlfriend so he had to do something. Thus it appears that the idea of using his boat has caused some difficulties for them. It appears that Nick has not been using his boat for about six years and that was the basic reason why they had some trouble with it. It looks like Nick wanted to propose for Nick Carter girlfriend so bad that he spent five days while fixing the boat and he was exhausted after this. Even though the engine was not finished, still he decided to go in it and they managed to reach the island that Nick has visited a couple of times when he was just a child.
And he was so romantic that he got down on one knee and made his proposal for Nick Carter girlfriend and gave her his seven-carat ring. Nick states that when he got down on the knee and Nick carter girlfriend said yeas he did not know what to do and she said that he is supposed to put the ring on her finger and this seems really nice of them both. It appears that Nick Carter girlfriend states that they both are really happy right now and they are planning to be this way in the future also.

nick carter girlfriend nick carter girlfriend

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