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Nick Jonas is single at the moment and is finally not afraid to state that he has no girlfriend and is happy about his position being alone. Nick states that he is happy being this way and that he has been on dates past year but they stayed friends and that it is good to get to know new people while going on dates, but not necessary becoming a couple, so the position on Nick Jonas girlfriend is free for good. He states that it is great to keep it casual and not to be afraid about anything that you can say on a date when you are going out as friends.

And the current Nick Jonas girlfriend is – Single

Nick Jonas girlfriends was Miley Cyrus for some time in the past, but now Miley has another boyfriend, however even her father notes that Nick was a better man for his daughter. Miley Cyrus has dated Nick when she was 14 years old and that she had her biggest heart break at that particular age. She notes that it happened because she was young and thought that he loved her even if at that age she did not know what real love is. So even if former Nick Jonas girlfriend did not understand that there are a lot of people besides him, Miley states that in this particular age she thought that if he does not want her than no one else needs her.
After Miley Nick Jonas girlfriend was Selena Gomez and it seems that a similar thing happened to her and their relationships as to Miley. She states that Nick was a boy that she fell for, but he could not respond to her emotions, because he has not been over his ex-girlfriend. Selena Gomez stated that she felt not good enough for him, because she was not like Miley and she could not change it, because Nick did not allow her into his life.
Nick Jonas girlfriend Selena notes that it is the worse feeling in the world to be left and not needed when you need that particular person, so she would not wish it upon anyone. So know Nick is left alone and Miley, former Nick Jones girlfriend, is in a perfect relationship and they even are engaged and Selena, his second former girlfriend is also in a relationships, although they seem complicated, Nick is left alone. Thus, this is only his fault because he left both of them; maybe he was too young to be serious with someone.

nick jonas girlfriend

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