Nicki Minaj Girlfriend

Ever since the famous singer Nicky Minaj got on stage and became known a lot of her songs were popular. It looks like there is an opportunity for all of her female fans to become one day as Nicky Minaj girlfriend, because it looks like she is bisexual and this means that there are possibilities for Nicki Minaj girlfriend or boyfriend to exist. Thus the singer is so authentic that she has plenty of listeners that adore her and would like to get close to her and even become her partner in life. It looks like she has a lot of admirers because of her style and because she is openly bisexual.

And the current Nicki Minaj girlfriend is – Single

Thus it looks like the singer is not sure about who she is in real life because she has stated recently in one magazine that she notes that the music is becoming gayer friendly these days and that is great because more singers come out about what they are. Thus it looks like she denies that she has ever had Nicki Minaj girlfriend because when she was asked a question about her bisexuality she has stated that Nicki Minaj girlfriend has never existed and will never exist, because she does not date women and does not have sexual relationship with women also. Thus it looks like plenty of her fans think that she is not telling the truth about this and they state that there has existed Nicki Minaj girlfriend and that she has dated women earlier. There is an existing opinion that she is lying about this because of her career as a singer and because she does not want to talk a lot about her personal life and things that are going on in it. Further it looks like there are pictures of the singer getting close to one woman that media call as Nicki Minaj girlfriend, thus there were no facts about her dating that girl.
Further it looks like Nicki Minaj girlfriend would make it clear why she has so many statements in her music about women and about body forms but it looks like she does not want to agree about her being bisexual, but maybe one day she will. Thu, until she states that she is straight maybe there will be news about Nicki Minaj boyfriend but not Nicki Minaj girlfriend. So until there are no proves about her being bisexual and she states that she is straight the media will leave it this way.

nicki minaj girlfriend

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