Novak Djokovic Girlfriend

Novak Djokovic girlfriend is an amazing woman and he can be happy to have her, although maybe she should be happy to be with the number one tennis player of the whole world who is Novak, he seems to be unbeatable when it comes to his game.

And the current Novak Djokovic girlfriend is – Jelena Ristic

Jelena Ristic was born in the capital of Serbia named Belgrade, she was born in 1986. Jelena met Novak because of their love for sports. She became interested in sports from her early age and went to schools that were focused on it, there she met Novak. Jelena was a year older, but she was one of the most beautiful girls in there, so everyone got their eyes on her.
Novak Djokovic girlfriend did not see her further future in sports so after high-school she went to study in Milan, Italy and the couple could not spent so much time together, because Novak was also committed for his tennis.
Novak notes that he is happy to have Jelena as Novak Djokovic girlfriend, because she was there for him when no one else was and she took care of him and spent a lot of time in order to help him. He states that there is a saying that there is a greater woman behind a great man and Jelena must be this way, because she did not miss not even one important game in his life and always was there to give him strength and he finds her as one of the reasons that he achieved so much is his life.
Novak Djokovic girlfriend even was there for him when his health state was declared not as good as he has thought, she did not leave him and helped him to move on. Even though he did not know about his celiac disease he managed to make his name among the best tennis players of the world. The knowing about his disease helped him a lot, because when he changed his diet, he became unstoppable in the field.
Novak Djokovic girlfriend manages to help him and give him the most amount of time that she has, she also manages to finish her studies in Milan. She managed to finish her Master studies with honors and now she is going for studies in managing for her PhD. Although the paparazzi’s have been trying to find something bad about their couple they did not. And he thinks about marrying Novak Djokovic girlfriend and becoming a family together after she finishes her studies.

novak djokovic girlfriend

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