Oscar Pistorius girlfriend

There are some rumours that Oscar Pistorius is back on the track. After Oscar Pistorius girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead inside Oscar‘s house, famous runner was not training. But Paralympics gold medallist who won twice in 2012 was photographed while running outside his house.
The runner was let out on bail because of charges of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. It is said that ex Oscar Pistorius girlfriend locked herself in the bathroom while Oscar himself thought that it was just a burglar.

And the current Oscar Pistorius girlfriend is – Reeva Steenkamp

We can see in the photograph that Oscar is wearing his blades and is running in a completely empty stadium.
His agent claims that after Oscar Pistorius girlfriend‘s murder, a runner is not ready yet to train again. He was out just for jogging to relax a bit from his bail conditions.

But we heard some positive news that the fact about Oscar Pistorius girlfriend being dead is just another reason for the runner to come back on a track. He wants to get away from the sorrow which appeared after his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp death. The famous runner is planning to get on the track only to get away from the grief. Death of Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was the only reason why he decided to go jogging at the first place.
The picture was taken by some boy who was heading back home from school. Now Oscar Pistorius is meeting his coach to decide whether he should go back on the track or should not. The coach is already planning the schedule of his new training.

The loss of Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was sad for him that he finds it very difficult to recover again. As the coach says that is the reason why Oscar Pistorius should go back on training again. It would bring some routine in his life. That is how the tragedy of Oscar Pistorius girlfriend being dead would be forgotten easier.

Still, there are some people who said that Oscar Pistorius going back into track again is very disrespectful for the memory of his dead girlfriend. But the coach says that running has been a very big part of his for most of the time and that would be the only thing which would help him to recover.
The coach adds that Oscar Pistorius finds it very difficult to even leave the house. That is the reason why the coach is trying to get him back on the track.

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