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Park Ji Sung is a soccer player that has recently told how much he loves Park Ji Sung girlfriend, who is Kim Min Ji. He has made a guest appearance in one show called “Running Man”. Because it was an entertaining program he has talked about his emotions for Park Ji Sung girlfriend, who is SBS announcer. He must fell a lot for her because it takes a lot of effort to talk about your relationship in public and on television.

And the current Park Ji Sung girlfriend is – Kim Min Ji

During the commercial of the “Running Man” there was a video shown, some extract from the program, where Park has stated that there is something big happening in his life and it is because of Park Ji Sung girlfriend. He has also stated that he loves SBS so this was like a big commercial for the show because plenty of people were intrigued about what he is going to talk about and waited until the day came to watch the television.
The couple did not want to go official in the beginning of their relationship, but they could not hide the fact anymore after their walk near the Han Kang river. There were photos of their date released after it and they had nothing more to do then reveal their relationship. Firstly Park Ji Sung girlfriend and Park himself did not make any comments about their relationship, but when the show “Running Man” was filmed immediately after the filming he decided that it is time for people to know what is going on in his life and made a press conference where he confirmed that there is a new Park Ji Sung girlfriend and that they are together.
Thus his confession in the “Running Man” has attracted a lot of attention from his fans, because they did not expect him to be dating with someone. Park states that he has met Park Ji Sung girlfriend in the year 2011 and that it was his father that introduced them and he can be thankful for him because of this. Further he notes that their relationship did not develop until May of this year, because from the beginning they were just friends.
So Park Ji Sung girlfriend seems to be good for him and he loves to be with her and has stated this on television and the couple is enjoying their tie spent together.

park ji sung girlfriend

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