Peter Andre Girlfriend

Peter Andre girlfriend is much younger than him. Peter, who is a reality star and a singer, is 40 years old and his new girlfriend, named Emily MacDonagh is only 23 years old and she is a medical student. The new Peter Andre girlfriend is pregnant with his child and that makes the couple extremely happy as a source notes they look even more in love now if that is possible.

And the current Peter Andre girlfriend is – Emily MacDonagh

The couple met in 2010, when Emily’s father, who is a doctor, performed a surgery for Peter and since then they began to be friend. Before she got pregnant their relationships has lasted for about a year and that was enough for them to get Peter Andre girlfriend pregnant. Friends of this couple state that Peter Andre girlfriend and Peter are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together because they both love each other and that is clearly noticeable for everyone that knows them. Also they state that Peter Andre girlfriend and Peter are planning to get married in the couple of years and that is perfectly understandable.
Further this child will not be the first for Peter, but for Peter Andre girlfriend it is the first time that she is pregnant. Peter has two children with his former wife, Kate Price. He has a son named Junior and a daughter named Princes, so he must know how to take care of children and has experience and can teach Peter Andre girlfriend basic things in taking care of their child. The former wife of Peter is already married with another man and expects a baby with him. She is married with Kieran Hayler and is expecting her fourth child all in all.
A source close to Peter Andre girlfriend and Peter has stated that they are thrilled to have their baby and they look like they are meant for each other from the way that they act in public. It looks like having a baby together is absolutely natural for them and that only makes their relationship even stronger.
Peter Andre girlfriend has finished her studies as a doctor, because she wants to be as good as her father is and she is planning to achieve something in her carrier so it looks like she is not going to be the kind of mother that stays at home with her children for the whole day long. So Peter and Emily are a perfect couple together.

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