Peter Crouch Girlfriend

Peter Crouch girlfriend is really stunning and he is a lucky guy because he has the ability to be with such a kind of person. Peter, who is a football player, stated dating Abbey Clancy in the year 2006 so their relationship has lasted for a long time now. Not only that they were a couple but Peter Crouch girlfriend was asked the question will she become his wife in the year 2009 in the beautiful month of summer July and apparently she said yes because the couple got married in Stapleford Park Hotel in Leicestershire and in 2011 Peter Crouch girlfriend gave birth to their daughter Sophia Ruby, who was born on eleventh of March. So the family lives a nice and calm life together.

And the current Peter Crouch girlfriend is – Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch girlfriend brother appears to be a football player also just like Peter, so she must know how to act with sports men and also her other brother belongs to one band so her entire family knows how to earn a way for their living. Peter Crouch girlfriend is the oldest one in the family among the four children that their parents have. In 2006 she has participated in one reality show that was in order to find the winner that was the best model among the contestants. Even though Peter Crouch girlfriend made it to the finals with another girl she did not win and that was not so bad for her, because her modeling carrier continued after the show. Since her appearance in Britain’s Next Top Model is she has been modeling for different magazines and newspapers, so she must have done something right in the show.
Further not only that Peter Crouch girlfriend is a model, she also has made her appearance on the television. She has participated in some talk shows where she has shared her life with other people and the way that she made her carrier. Peter Crouch girlfriend has also co-hosted some shows and she was quite good at it. It appears that Abbey has a lot of talents and is good at using them or getting better. She has also been ranked among the sexiest women’s on the planet and she has taken different spots one year she was higher the next lower and the higher again, but the fact is that Peter Crouch girlfriend stays as beautiful as always and she looks perfect for him.

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