Pharrell Williams Girlfriend

Not only that Helen Lasichanh is known as Pharrell Williams girlfriend, but she is also his fiancé, because he got proposed for her after spending a lot of year together. The fact that they are engaged was obvious when the couple has attended the premier of the movie The Dark Knight Rises together and when they were photographed on the red carpet the ring on Pharrell Williams girlfriend finger was shining with a big diamond and it was impossible to miss it. It appears that the couple is really secret about their relationship and they do not want the media to know everything about their private life. Not only that Pharrell Williams girlfriend is engaged to him the couple has a child together, who is three years old, so maybe it is about time to do something about their relationship.

And the current Pharrell Williams girlfriend is – Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell William girlfriend should be really strong, because he has plenty of fans all over the world that like him and most of them are females. The fact that he makes songs that are mostly about women can also be distracting. Further, recently he has been working with other singers and his job takes up a lot of his time and that means that not so much is left for Pharrell Williams girlfriend. Further no one would believe that he is even 40 years old, because he really does not look this way, people would give him only twenty and that is maximum.
When Pharrell William girlfriend and Pharrell visited one radio station the basic topic that he was asked about was why he looks like he is only twenty and what does he do with his face in order to maintain it this way and he states that he cleans his face. He states that his parents also look youthful and maybe he has achieved their genes and because of this the only thing that he does is cleans his face. Further he states that Naomi Campbell has told him how to do this and how to take care of his face.
Taking his relationship in consideration he has stated that he is looking forward to the day when finally Pharrell Williams girlfriend is going to become his wife and the moment that they are going to walk down the aisle. He states that their relationship are sincere and that he does not have to hide anything from her and that they can talk about anything and that makes them a perfect couple.

pharrell williams girlfriend pharrell williams girlfriend

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