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People who attends American Idol becomes famous in such a short time they usually surrender for the attention of their fans. They might even brake up with their boyfriends or girlfriends. Thankfully, Phillip Phillips is not one of those people and a current Phillip Phillips girlfriend is beside him for more than three years now.

And the current Phillip Phillips girlfriend is – Hannah Blackwell

Even when he was not a winner of the 11th season of American Idol, he was a boy to be loved by every girl. Then the fans from all over the world learned the fact that Phillip Phillips is dating someone seriously for more than three years, millions of hearts broke.
The fact became even clearer when Phillip walked out of the plain with a girl who is an actual Phillip Phillips girlfriend. They reached Washington D.C for the following concert of the American Idol winner.

Phillip Phillips girlfriend is brunette Hannah Blackwell who accompanied him not only during his flight, but during whole show too. Phillip Phillips girlfriend Hannah was wearing almost the same outfit as the celebrity did. They were wearing matching flip-flops, jeans and very casual T-shirts. Looking very casual, they strolled through the terminal.
Phillip Phillips girlfriend carried had only a simple blanket and a brown leather bag over the shoulder. This means that they are just visiting Washington D.C without planning to stay for a longer period of time.

Phillips looked almost the same as his girlfriend: he was a wearing a pair of blue jeans and casual black shirt.
Phillip Phillips girlfriend is from the same hometown as the singer is: she grew up and is currently living in the same town as the famous singer is – Leesburg.
As Phillip Phillips girlfriend is not a musician as he is, she is not really interested in music so much as her boyfriend is. The only interesting fact is that she helped him write a song. Now she is thinking about moving to L.A where Phillip Phillips is spending most of his time recording new singles.
As Phillip Phillips girlfriend states, he was really nervous when they first met and he asked for the first date.

Recently he had a kidney surgery but after only a few months after the operation he came back to record more music. As Phillip Phillips girlfriend claims, he is a really hard worker; he can spend hour and hours recording.
The couple really looks happy together and we hope that they will not split up because of the singer‘s fame.

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