Pitbull Girlfriend

Pitbull girlfriend does not exist at the moment, but the famous singer has stated how he would treat his girl. Further, the singer seems to be old fashioned when it comes to relationship and because the most important woman in his life was his mother from the beginning, who used to believe in him even when no one else in the world did. He states that if Pitbull girlfriend would exist he would try to treat her like a lady and he states that the most important thing is to be protective and attentive. So girls with him should feel safe as long as he likes to be protective.

And the current Pitbull girlfriend is – Single

The famous singer that made his way during hard times and it was a hard thing to get there, where he is now states that he likes to be old fashioned when going to dates and treating his couple like a lady. He states that he likes to open the door for Pitbull girlfriend and allow her to go first like it is supposed to be. Further if they are sitting in a restaurant the lady has to order first, because she has to be treated as a real lady.
But when it comes to more personal things Pitbull girlfriend should be treated like a real woman and feel protected and looked after. He states that women like to be provided for. But he also notes that when it comes to making love to woman things should be different. He states that without having Pitbull girlfriend he would also love his girl to be his friend that he could talk about everything and who could tell him everything. He states that when it comes to bed business he would like that Pitbull girlfriend would say everything that she wants and that she dreams about making.
Even though his lyrics seems to be offensive sometimes when it comes to women, he has defended himself stating that this is only lyrics and they have to be the way that people want them to be these days. He states that he would not offend Pitbull girlfriend if he had one and his lyrics are just for entertainment and they are for having fun in the club dancing when his music is playing. So when Pitbull girlfriend will exist, she will be lucky because he seems to be a real gentleman that rarely exist these days.

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