Prince Harry Girlfriend

Cressida Bonas can be called as Prince Harry girlfriend, even though the couple tries to hide their relationship and tries not to get in the way of cameras. The pair seems to be dating for over a year, but they still try to avoid being seen.

And the current Prince Harry girlfriend is – Cressida Bonas

Both of them were seen arriving to London dressed comfortably and looking good. Harry is 28 years old and Prince Harry girlfriend is a bit younger than him, she is 24. Cressida is a dance student and she is from upper-class, her style is comfortable and she seem to be looking good even in her boyfriend jeans, that are called this way because they look like they have been borrowed from her boyfriend.
Even if they try to avoid going public, still the paparazzi’s do their work and they have been spotted kissing in the Alps when they were there together. The couple has attended a few royal weddings together, but in 2011 Cressida was no longer to be called as Prince Harry girlfriend, because they have separated.
Their relationship ended because of a simple reason that Chelsy was seen as Prince Harry girlfriend in one of the royal weddings which he went to with her, so in was hard for Cressida, because they have attended the same school with Chelsy.
Cressida is described as a nice person that would fit perfectly for the Prince, her friend’s state that she is polite and has all the qualities needed, not to mention her perfect looks.
Further harry has declared himself that he is not searching for a girl that would be fit to his role as a Prince. He notes that Prince Harry girlfriend should be good for him or for the society, however a lot of woman like his title and would want to become a part of his family.
It seems that Cressida can be called as Prince Harry girlfriend again, because they have an ongoing relationship that end and start again and they try to hide it from the society but that is not always working. Their relationship seem to be getting strong and in the right directions, because Harry has already been invited to meet her family in a family weeding and Cressida seems to be a perfect woman for him.
Cressida would definitely be perfect in being Prince Harry girlfriend and not only this she could easily fit in becoming a part of his family.

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