Queen Latifah Girlfriend

Queen Latifah girlfriend and Queen herself have difficult relationships, because they last on and off ant it is hard to understand when they are dating and when they are single again. Queen Latifah, who is 41 years old, is a successful woman when it comes to show business and she has acted in many movies, where her abilities are respected, because she knows how to act and make money from it. Queen Latifah girlfriend is named Jeanette Jenkins. The real name of Queen Latifah is Dana Owens and this time a source has reported that her relationship with Queen Latifah girlfriend has broken off again. Further the source that has reported these news states that this time they are not going to get back again and be a couple.

And the current Queen Latifah girlfriend is – Single

It looks that Queen Latifah girlfriend is a personal coach and she likes to keep her body perfectly fit. She was the one that held their relationships strong and wanted it too work, but the fact that Queen Latifah girlfriend is a perfectionist might have gone in the way in order for these two to work. Jeanette is 40 years old, but she does not like that, because she tries to keep her body in perfect shape. For her the fact that someone fails doing something is not good, because she does not tolerate people that do not have enough power of will to keep fit and exercise. Queen Latifah girlfriend must have run out of patience, because Queen does not want to do exercise or eat healthy food. Apparently she loves herself the way that she is and does not want to change anything.
The source that reported about their brake up has also stated that Queen Latifah girlfriend cannot tolerate her way of life anymore, because she likes to smoke, drink and eat unhealthy as much as she can and that leads to dreadful consequences. Even though the coupe has purchased a house together the source notes that they haven’t been under one roof for a long time now. Even if the source states that they were left and friend and that their motions are still obvious for one another they are trying to live their separate lives.
Queen Latifah girlfriend has been failed by her, because as a source notes, Queen herself fells really bad, because she has failed Jeanette and she does not know what to do. Thus, the former Queen Latifah girlfriend says that this time their relationships are really over.

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