Rafael Nadal Girlfriend

Maria Francisca Perello is known to be as Rafael Nadal girlfriend. Rafael is a famous tennis player and he has been with his girlfriend for about seven years. Although many people may not even heard about her and do not know who she is for Rafael Maria is very important and he loves her very much.

And the current Rafael Nadal girlfriend is – Maria Francisca Perello

Rafael Nadal girlfriend is 24 years old and she has recently graduated from university, but she does not like to be in the spotlight and it seems that her way of life would not be suitable for Rafael, but she must have something that he is attracted to. Maria does not like fame and is not interested in glamour.

Rafael Nada girlfriend met him in school in Majorca and Maria is a smart girl, she could not be called only as a wife of some kind of a rich person, but she is smart and she can manage herself. Further Maria is better known by her nickname which is Xisca. The fact that Rafael Nadal girlfriend wants to be kept outside from the paparazzi zone makes her even more desirable for them. Maria does not participate in many interviews and the only thing that people might find about her on the internet is her pictures where she is happy with Rafael.

The fact that Rafael Nadal girlfriend is with him for so long means that she must be a good person because when it comes to long term relationship Rafael seems to pick out a person that would suit him and have a good personality.

Maria seems to be perfect for Rafael, because not only that she is smart, she is also beautiful and has a good body shape. The fact that they avoid being on the spotlight on purpose makes their relationship even stronger, because Maria is Rafael Nadal girlfriend not just because of the fame that comes together with him. Also, when Rafael is playing tennis in some important matches, Maria waits for him at home, because she does not like to distract his attention being somewhere near. Also Rafael Nadal girlfriend is not that people can see partying or clubbing or doing some other activities that may be bad for their relationship.

Rafael Nadal girlfriend and Rafael try to be as normal as they can without any fame they want to be an ordinary couple and are happy about their choice and until they are happy together it seems that their relationship will last for a long time.

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