Ranbir Kapoor Girlfriend

It appears that Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend is obvious for everyone but still they are trying to hide their relationship for one or another reason. So an actress named Katrina Kaif can be called as Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend. Even though they do not talk about their relationship it appears to be clear that they are a couple and not only friends. It appears that the couple is trying really hard to be seen as only friends and when Ranbir is going to different events he leaves them in order to meet with Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend. So it is interesting if the couple has been together for a long time now, but it looks like not, because they would not manage to keep their relationship in private. The first time ever that the couple has made a public appearance together was when he met her in Karan Johar’s birthday bash and they were seen together.

And the current Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend is – Katrina Kaif

It looks like their relationships are quite interesting because the former Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend named Deepika has been seen with him plenty of times and in many occasions that he is supposed to go with the new girlfriend so there were rumors that they are getting back together but it looks like these were only rumors, because when it comes to serious events, yes he is seen with the former Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend, but as soon as he wants to go party and do something else then he is joined with Katrina. Even though during the birthday party they arrived at the same car and did not even bother to hide it appears that they are not declaring their emotions in public. Ranbir has stated many times for the media that he is single and does not have anyone special and she did not even bother to smile, so it appears that they do not care what people think and the fact that they are like a couple is clear for people so any time soon they are going to have to come out and declare about their relationship in public.
It appears that Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend and Ranbir have been sneaking into one another’s house at midnight it looks like they are meeting to have some coffee and it looks like an accident, so they cannot hide this any longer. Further now Ranbir Kapoor girlfriend is attending parties with him and people hope that whatever is stopping them from declaring their relationship will not continue to last and they will open up about being a couple.

ranbir kapoor girlfriend ranbir kapoor girlfriend

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