Raven Symone Girlfriend

Due to the fact that she is lesbian Raven Symone girlfriend should be glad, because she finally came out. She has come to the point where the public opinion does not matter to her and she just wants to be openly happy and not to spend time in fear because of harsh opinion of other. It seems that her family did not know this either, but Raven found strength inside to come out anyway and let the whole world know who she is. It seems that AzMarie Livingston can be called as Raven Symone girlfriend and they met in the famous modeling reality show America’s Next Top Model. They seem to have been living in Raven’s home and enjoying their time together.

And the current Raven Symone girlfriend is – no girlfriend

There were rumors spread that Raven Symone girlfriend and Raven herself is planning their wedding and would love to join their lives. There were also rumors that they wanted the queen to participate in their wedding, but these rumors were not so true and they came from the sources that could not be trusted, so people had doubts in them for a long time, until they were proved to be not true.

After one year of their relationship Raven and Raven Simone girlfriend decided to take their roads in different ways and they have split. However their relationship status was never proved, because none of them stated in public that they are together. Raven has stated that she does not like to open her personal life in public and that was the reason why Raven Symone girlfriend was not officially introduced for public opinion. She states that she is not the only one who wants to have her private life just for herself and not for everyone else to talk about.

Further there were rumors going on that Raven Symone girlfriend has cheated on her and that was the basic reason for their separation. Her former girlfriend was a model and she was gorgeous that was also the reason why she had a lot of fans and could cheat Raven easy if she wanted to. Even though Raven took the initiative while starting their relationship and she was the one who asked Raven Symone girlfriend to move in to her place and be together, but AzMarie was not satisfied with them being together and broke their bond of. Now Raven can search for another partner, because one way or another she has come out and declared about her sexual orientation.

raven symone girlfriend raven symone girlfriend

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