Ray Lewis Girlfriend

The famous lady man and an athlete Ray Lewis seems to be single after plenty of relationship in his life and a lot of women that could have been called as Ray Lewis girlfriend. On the field Ray may seem as a person that is quite terrorizing and shocking his opponent, but when it comes to his children and family it appears that all the girls that were known as Ray Lewis girlfriend were lucky because he is a good man. Thus, Ray has six children, so he really was a ladies man and apparently he has established a foundation that has helped for many children in need so Ray Lewis girlfriend could be proud of him if there would exist one. Thus there are people that have a real negative opinion towards him and state that he is a criminal and a womanizer.

And the current Ray Lewis girlfriend is – Single

Tatyana McCall got the opportunity to be known as Ray Lewis girlfriend for some time and they have even three children together. All in all she has known him for twenty years of his lifetime. They both have attended one university together and that was the place where the couple met each other. Thus the former Ray Lewis girlfriend even though they are not together anymore has only positive opinion about him, she states that he is really caring and knows how to take care of their children and also she notes that he is kind, because not only that he helps his family he also puts a lot of effort in order to help other people. Thus, the couple split and they went separate ways still they seem to be really close and are communicating until now, maybe just for the good of children.
The other three children that he has are from different women so apparently after Tatyana he has not had a special girl that would spent a lot of time together with him. With the former Ray Lewis girlfriend, Tatyana he has three boys, than he has another boy and two daughters. So when they travel together that makes a lot of children to deal with and pay for. Also he was dating Juliana Helena Childress and she was also known as Ray Lewis girlfriend, she is the owner of one Spa center. Further she was only 25 years old, so much younger than him. So indeed Ray must be a womanizer and due to the fact that he has good qualities women fall for him.

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