Reggie Bush Girlfriend

Lilit Avagyan can be called as Reggie Buch girlfriend and not only like this, because she recently gave birth to their child, so she is also a mother and made Reggie a father. Without these statuses she is also a fiancée of Reggie, because he decided to propose to her and it was about time, because due to the fact that they have a baby together they are considered to be a whole family and a happy one also.

And the current Reggie Bush girlfriend is – Lilit Avagyan

They have a beautiful baby girl, which weighs 8 pounds and 9 ounces and she was born on May 6th, which was Monday, a nice day to come to this world. The most important thing that Reggie Bush girlfriend loves him and their daughter and Reggie loves them both too.
Reggie, who is 28-years-old is an NFL player and Lilit, who is called as Reggie Bush girlfriend, is 25-years-old and she is a dancer. Reggie plays for Detroit Lions. They have been together for not so short, they dated a year and a half, before he announced that his girlfriend is pregnant and they are going to become parents. He announced the news in Paul and Young Ron Morning Show in 2012, October. He stated that a little one is coming on her way for him and that he did not have words to describe his emotions that were so positive at that time.
Further, before his real commitment to Lilit, Reggie has dated other women. One of the famous ones that can be called as Reggie Bush girlfriend was Kim Kardashian. They have been dated for a couple of years with a lot of tension between them, because they used to be together, then separate them come back together again and in finally in March 2010 they decided to break up and end their relationship for good.
In April 15th he opened up about his emotions in in his post in Detroit Lions website where he declared his emotional state. He noted that Reggie Bush girlfriend is an Armenian origin and that they both are excited to be parents for their first child. However he notes that the baby was at a perfect time, but it could have been with a different person, he does not seem to love his girlfriend as much as the society expected from him.
All in all Reggie Bush girlfriend can be happy because he is going to take care of his child as he is supposed to and be there for his baby girl when she needs a father.

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