Rick Ross Girlfriend

The famous rapper named Rick Ross is reportedly not just dating Shateria L. Moragne-el, but has also proposed to her and apparently is going to be off the market and not available anymore. The couple has been together for a long time now and they are happy through all kind of different situations. Rick Ross girlfriend has been with him through hard times and he can be sure that she is ready to go through fire and ice as long as they are together.

And the current Rick Ross girlfriend is – Shateria L. Moragne-el

Last January Rick Ross girlfriend has been with him in the same car, when he was literary racing for his life. One person was shooting to his car and he was driving with Shateria inside. So she did not get scared by this and remained with him and the result was Rick Ross proposing for her. He brought engagement ring worth of 500, 000 of dollars and she accepted it and they got engaged on May.
Rick Ross girlfriend has been with him for about five years, at least rumors have it, because the real date is not known for the public. And it was time for them to make some changes in their relationships. So Rick bought her that amazing and big ring and got onto one knee and proposed as it is supposed to be and Rick Ross girlfriend just could not say no.
Rick Ross has stated in Grammy’s award event that he has moved on from the shooting and wants to continue living a normal life and make his music. Further he also declared that there were changes made in his life after the event, but it would be a mistake to always live in fear and to be afraid to do something that you want to or go somewhere that you need.
Rick Ross girlfriend is really creative and she has been involved into life of fashion for most of her life. She has attended the Baltimore school of Arts and even though her focus was not on fashion, she was studying modern dance and ballet later on in life she decided that she wants to be in the world of fashion. Rick Ross girlfriend has worked as a personal stylist and she has consulted people on their dressing style, so she can consult Rick as well. The couple seems to be happy together and ready to outcome everything that gets in their way.

rick ross girlfriend rick ross girlfriend

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