Ricky Gervais Girlfriend

Ricky is a really famous person and there exist Ricky Gervais girlfriend that has been with him for the biggest part of his life and it is strange that they have not made their union even more stronger by getting married, but they do what is best for them and if they both are happy than it is good. Ricky has plenty of things to do in his life and he is capable of almost everything that is concerned with show business. Not only that he is a comedian he also has hosted a radio show and is a musician, writer, director and producer, so Ricky Gervais girlfriend is supposed to be proud of his abilities to succeed in everything that he does.

And the current Ricky Gervais girlfriend is – Jane Fallon

Ricky achieved his success with one of the most famous television series called the Office. Not only that he is making normal television series he is creating animations also because he has released the Ricky Gervais Show in 2010 and when this became popular he was asked to make second season and then also the third one so people must really like what he does with his projects. And Ricky Gervais girlfriend is always there to give him all the support that he needs to have from her.
Ricky lives in Hampstead, because he moved there with Ricky Gervais girlfriend that has been together with him for thirty years now and that is a lot of his life. She is known as a producer and screenwriter so they really have something in common and they can share ideas after all they know one another for bigger part of their lives. Thus it appears that Ricky has an interesting opinion about marrying Ricky Gervais girlfriend, because he states that that does not make any sense and there is no point in doing this, because according to him there is no God, so why did they have to get married in God yes when he does not exist.
Further, Ricky Gervais girlfriend does not have any children with him, because he notes that you put a lot of effort in taking care of a child for sixteen years and you do not even get a thank you for this from him. Thus it appears that he has a good heart because Ricky likes to take care of animals and has a foundation that is created in order to help them. So Ricky Gervais girlfriend is a lucky woman, because he has a strong opinion and succeeds in everything he does.

ricky gervais girlfriend ricky gervais girlfriend

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