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It looks like there are rumors that there is one girl that could be called as Rihanna girlfriend or was supposed to be called as Rihanna girlfriend. It looks like Rihanna has approved herself about her relationship with Mellissa Forde in the year 2012 and it seems that she was called as Rihanna girlfriend and they looked like two lesbians enjoying their relationship. Thus it looks like Melissa is not the first one that could be called as Rihanna girlfriend, because the singer used to date someone else in the past another women named Natasha Burton. Not only that Natasha was called as Rihanna girlfriend, but also the singer wrote in a book all about her relationship with the model. The book is called Low Down Dirty Shame and it documents her relationship with Natasha.

And the current Rihanna girlfriend is – Single

Thus it looks like Rihanna has been going out with Melissa for some time now but in the beginning they looked just like friends and no one suspected that there is something going on between them and then in her twitter account Rihanna announced her to be Rihanna girlfriend for the first time. It looks like the talks about Melissa being Rihanna girlfriend started when the singer has announced in her account that she is going to go on a date with someone after along brake and the media began to wonder who the lucky man is, but then she posted a photo of her and Melissa and commented that she is her date for the night and from her further comments it became clear that they are having a nice time together and Melissa was called as Rihanna girlfriend. It looks like Rihanna might just be teasing her fans, because there are no clear records or her statements about her being lesbian but people might not know for sure.
So the former Rihanna girlfriend has known Rihanna for a long time, because they met each other in the 12th grade and ever since then they were best friends. It looks like Melissa is also a singer but she is not a professional one like Rihanna and it looks like she has been working as Rihanna’s personal assistant to earn money for her living and this has been working out perfectly for them both. So it looks like even if Melissa was a real Rihanna girlfriend this did not last for so long or maybe they were just teasing fans.

rihanna girlfriend

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