Rob Kardashian Girlfriend

Together with the status of being Rob Kardashian girlfriend a lot of responsibilities are given. Due to the fact that Rob has a big family and his family is always on the spotlight, because of their different reality shows in which mostly all of the family participates, further, being Rob Kardashain girlfriend you are always watched by society and everyone knows what you are doing and you have to be ready for this.

And the current Rob Kardashian girlfriend is – Naza Jafarian

Naza Jafarian can be called the new Rob Kardashian girlfriend and luckily for her, his family likes her better than his last one, so she can be calm, because dating Rob means dating all of his family, they are used to be worrying about one another.
Rita Ora has been named as Rob Kardashian girlfriend before his new relationship with Naza and they broke up badly. However their relationship lasted for a short time only a couple of months and Rita has cheated him and this was shocking, he could not believe this. Rob has stated a lot of bad things in his twitter site about Rita, he notes that she has been cheating him with a lot of men while they were together, so he was wondering what is going to happen when they are apart. He also notes that it should be difficult to have such a busy sexual life and try to focus on making her carrier. So maybe she has just been with him in order to get popularity.
His whole family thinks that Naza is much more worthy to be called as Rob Kardashian girlfriend and although they have been together only for a short time, his family thinks that she suits him perfectly. His family notes that Naza is more similar to the Kardashian family than Rita was and it seems that his family has given him approval to be with her.
Rob Kardashian girlfriend met him through his friend Brandon Kaplan; she has dark hair and looks similar to his sister Kim as one of his friend’s notes. She was seen with Rob, celebrating his birthday together, and then they spent time during St. Patty’s in Los Angeles and finally she flew to London to together with him.
It seems that everyone is happy about Rob Kardashian girlfriend and he being together and he finally found a girl that suits him and makes him happy. They like to spend time together and she is not afraid to be seen in public and on the magnifying glass most of the time.

rob kardashian girlfriend

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