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Robert Buckley girlfriend does not exist at the moment and even though there are plenty of rumors about him being with one girl or another they are only rumors and not true. He is a famous actor, who has acted in television series named One Tree Hill and when the show was going to end plenty of his female fans were sad, because there will be no more episodes with this man who they adore. But then the great news was made for all of them, because he is acting in the new television show called 666 Park Avenue. It appears that Robert Buckley girlfriend, as soon as he finds one, should be proud of him because not only that he has a perfect looks, but he is also smart, because he has finished his degree in economics and this is great.

And the current Robert Buckley girlfriend is – Single

So here are some facts about the actor that are going to be interesting for all his fans and potential Robert Bucklay girlfriend. He is 31 years old and this is a perfect age for a man because he is all grown up and smarter than the time that he was a teenager. He states that when it comes to dating a potential Robert Buckley girlfriend should like to eat, because once he was on a date in one fancy Italian restaurant and he ordered a great meal for himself and the girl that was together with him also ordered the same and it appears that she divided the food into really small pieces ate a couple of them and then stated that she is full and that was funny for him. So obviously she did not become Robert Buckley girlfriend and their relationship ended the same evening that they left the restaurant. When he was asked what is the thing that he would never leave his home without his smile was between the other things and this is great because he seems to be a happy person, so Robert Buckley girlfriend should also be this way.
Thus, he has stated that Robert Buckley girlfriend should be funny because he likes to spend time with people that are happy and not sad all the time because of different things. Also his girl should be sweet and normal on the outside she should not be a perfect beauty but should be normal. And that was all the statements that he had about potential Robert Buckley girlfriend.

robert buckley girlfriend

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