Robert Pattinson Girlfriend

Robert Pattinson girlfriend was Kristen Stewart for a long time, his co-star in the Twilight movie series and their relationship seemed to be like in the movie and their love was like real when they played scenes in Twilight that made all of their fans happy about this couple, but they broke up.

And the current Robert Pattinson girlfriend is – Riley Keough

Now Robert Pattinson girlfriend may be a surprise for his ex-girlfriend, because she is also red haired and you might confuse her a little with Kristen. Robert has been seen driving around with this pretty girl in his car and she is Riley Keough. The new Robert Pattinson girlfriend is rumored to be Elvis Presley granddaughter. They have been seen together driving around in his pickup truck, when the red haired girl was in the passenger seat.
Robert Pattinson girlfriend seems to be familiar with Robert, but also with Kristen and that might make her sad. Riley has played a role of Marie Currie in The Runaways and she stared along to Kristen in this one.
Robert Pattinson girlfriend was also once the face of Miss Dior Chérie perfume and Robert has been working with Dior’s men fragrance, so they share common interest in show business. Riley has ended her relationship with Alex Pettyfer last year so after some time she is was ready to go start a new relationship with another person and that person became Robert Pattinson.
Some sources note that Kirsten is friends with Riley and that she does not mind them being together, because Kristen was spotted having fun also when they were spotted driving around. Robert Pattinson girlfriend and Robert seems to be inseparable, because they even go shopping together, when they were driving around, they had something for their free time bought in the car.
Robert Pattinson girlfriend seems to be in love with him, because they spend most of their time together and their affection to one another can be seen in the way that they look at each other. However another source states that their relationship seems like a romance for others, because they just have been spending more time together, but they are more like just friends.
Robert Pattinson Girlfriend has similar likes like his, they are fond of the same music, they both love London and their likes might grow to something bigger than just likes. Robert and Riley look good together and they might become happy if nothing gets in their way.

robert pattinson girlfriend robert pattinson girlfriend

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