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There is nothing that fans from all over the world love more than gossips about new relationships. Christiano Ronaldo is being talked about a lot recently. Everyone is trying to find out who the new Ronaldo girlfriend is and we think that we know the answer.

And the current Ronaldo girlfriend is – Irina Shayak

Since Ronaldo managed to join the Manchester club, he became even more famous than he used to be. Portuguese player now attracts woman not only with his amazing looks, but with his talent and fame as well. He dated so much well known women that it is really easy to say why he is not so open about his new relationship. The facts about new Ronaldo girlfriend are not so official but we can say that new Ronaldo girlfriend is Irina Shayak.
His list of his former girlfriends is quite huge. He dated such women as Kim Kardashian, Merche Romero and Paris Hilton. But it seems that none of these women were the ones who took his heart completely. Maybe Ronaldo girlfriend Irina Shayak is the one?
They started dating in the early year of 2010. Apparently, they were colleagues working in the same Armani Company. Even though there are some rumours that a new Ronaldo girlfriend Irina Shayak is not quite approved by his family, because she had some very provocative pictures, the couple is said to have a very close connection between them. There are even rumours about their marriage.
Irina Shayak is a Russian born super model who became famous after her photo shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2007 and 2011. She is 25 years old and one year younger than the footballer himself. She signed the contract with IMG modelling agency. Now she is a current Ronaldo girlfriend and, as it appears, they are really happy together.
Her full name is Irina Shaykhlislamova and she is a daughter of Tatar father. Her mother, though, is a Russian born. Of course, she has an older sister who is known as Tatiana Shayk.
Because of her provocative pictures, a lot of people think of her badly, but, actually, she has an artistic side too. She started to play with a piano when she only 6 years old. She had to deal with her father death when she was only 14. After finishing the school, she decided to study Marketing, but after some thinking she end up as a model and, finally, a new Ronaldo girlfriend.
It looks like everything turned out just fine and the new couple is as happy as it could be.

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