Rupert Grint girlfriend

Well, we should cut the rumors at the first place and say that the star himself said that there is no Rupert Grint girlfriend.

And the current Rupert Grint girlfriend is – No girlfriend

Actually, it is quite surprising because he took a role in one of the most well known movies from around the world. And that is despite the fact he was one of the main characters. It is really hard to believe that there is no Rupert Grint girlfriend.

Rupert Grint who has play Harry Potter‘s best friend Ron Weasly says that he have not had a girlfriend since the very end of the filming. Now the actor is 23 years old and claims that there is a reason for not having a girlfriend. He states that after such a success he because very ware about women attention. Somehow, it does not sound right because most of the actors in Hollywood are enjoying the fame and women attention. But fan girls from all over the world are celebrating that there is no Rupert Grint girlfriend and the star himself is still single.

Despite the fact that he is really wealthy, he says that he does not adore the life of a playboy who lives in a mansion full of woman and parties. He actually enjoys spending the time with his family and good old friends. Maybe they compensate the lack of Rupert Grint girlfriend?
Rupert Grint says that now is having more attention than he should get. He adds that it is really hard to live life when everyone recognizes you wherever you go. It took years of practicing to get used to this and then even more practice to learn how to know which person is good for you and which is not. It was very hard to learn how to trust people and to work out their true intentions.

But then he added that he is not looking for a new Rupert Grint girlfriend. He says that he enjoys being by himself and being single and this is what he needs now the most. Girls out there can take the following sentence as a suggestion: Rupert says that he is not hunting for girls and he is looking for a relation which would appear by itself.
What is more, he said that he liked to go to clubs but now he prefers going to Karaoke with his friends and sing his favorite tracks from the film called Grease.
So in the very end it is up to you to decide whether Rupert Grint is ready get the spell of love onto his heart or not.

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