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It looks like Alessandra Balazs can be called as the new Russell Brand girlfriend and even though his former girl is talking a lot about their brake up this does not change the fact that he is happy together with the new special girl in his life. It looks like not only that Alessandra is known as the new Russell Brand girlfriend, but it looks like she flew to London in order to meet his mother and he took her to his mother’s place during weekend. It looks like Russell Brand girlfriend, who is 23 years old is good enough to meet his mother but when it comes to public events he attended one alone without her. O Tuesday night the coming week that Russell Brand girlfriend came to meet his mother there was a charity event in Opera Gallery London and he went there alone due to some kind of reasons.

And the current Russell Brand girlfriend is – Alessandra Balazs

Thus it looks like Russell has met Alessandra’s father, it looks like they all together were having a dinner and a source notes that they are getting serious and the fact that they are introducing each other to one another’s family only confirms how serious they are about one another. Thus also Russell Brand girlfriend celebrated his birthday together with him and some of his friends. It looks like they were holding hands all the time and laughing and kissing, so they are heading the right direction. This must have been a really great birthday party for him together with the new Russell Brand girlfriend. It looks like they both arrived at the party together and went home also together to the flat that was not so far from the place that the party happened.
Thus, things cannot be good all the time, because the former Russell Brand girlfriend and at the same time his former wife made an interview recently where she has talked about their divorce and it looks like Russell does not want to have anything in common with Katy Perry, who is his former wife. She has stated that the last time that she has heard from Russell was when two years ago he sent her a text message that he wanted divorce on New Year’s Eve. So it looks like the former Russell Brand girlfriend was a little bit hurt because of his behavior and their marriage lasted only for 14 months before ending in 2011.

russell brand girlfriend

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