Russell Howard Girlfriend

Russell Howard girlfriend is named Cerys Morgan and although she is not as famous as the comedian himself is they seem to get along perfectly, because their relationships has lasted for a long time now. When Russell is asked if his girlfriend still thinks that he is funny, he replies that when it comes to particular topics Russell Howard girlfriend thinks that he is. He notes that Cerys likes jokes about children and dogs, because she likes them in general and he notes that they do not have a child yet, but they raise a dog together.

And the current Russell Howard girlfriend is – Cerys Morgan

Their relationships have lasted for nine years know and they both are content about one another. It looks like they are living together in Leamington Spa where they began to live in 2008, so they are living together also for a long time. Russell Howard girlfriend started to date him in 2004. Cerys has attended Warwick University in order to become a doctor and it looks like she has achieved her goals and is qualified doctor now. The couple plans to live at the place where they are living now for a couple of years more at least, they seem to like this place.
It looks like the famous comedian likes to joke about different topics including his relationships, thus he only jokes about them in general not giving any particular details. In one of his shows he has made remarks that most of his jokes come from the fact that Russell Howard girlfriend has left him, but this was just a joke, because journalist tried to find out what happened and they revealed that Russell Howard girlfriend is still together with him.
Russell Howard girlfriend can be proud of her man, because he has a big heart when it comes to charity. He has participated in all kind of charitable events in order to raise money for others, not only that he has participated as a comedian, he also has been in running events that were dedicated for charity, so Russell is a good person.
Russell Howard girlfriend tries to hide her personal life to herself and that is why there is not so much information about her on the internet except the pictures of this couple being together, but there are no gossips or anything that would reveal any details about this couple. So it looks like Russell is happy with his long term relationships and does not want to change anything.

russell howard girlfriend

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