Ryan Gosling Girlfriend

A famous Hollywood superstar Eva Mendez is Ryan Gosling girlfriend. He seems to be lucky because his girlfriend always supports him in whatever he takes up and wants to do in his life.

And the current Ryan Gosling girlfriend is – Eva Mendez

When Ryan was preparing for his debut as a director of the movie How to Catch a Monster, Ryan Gosling girlfriend came to visit him on his set and she even came to see him on his very first day of this work.
Eva Mendez, who is 39-year-old was seen dressed in a very simple, but good looking way. she was wearing Breton stripe T-Shirt and had a scarf wrapped around her hair, maybe in order not to attract so much attention for both of them.
Not only that she came to support him, she is also a part of the movie, starring in it with other famous actors such as Christina Hendricks and the famous actor of television series Doctor Who, named Matt Smith.
Also being Ryan Gosling girlfriend makes you feel safe and protected, sometimes maybe in a very interesting way, but still. When he was seen with his girlfriend Ryan and was getting into his face. Ryan got a little bit out of the way, because the photographer only caller Eva as a babe, by greeting her this way and asking how is she doing, but Ryan got jealous and it ended not in a nice way at all.
Eva Mendez, Ryan Gosling girlfriend, had to get in the way and calm the heat down, because everything would have become even worse and they could have started to fight, but due to Eva’s abilities to calm her boyfriend down everything ended in a nice way and Ryan shook the photographer’s hand and was nice again.
The couple looks happy together and they have what to do, they have been promoting their new movie The Place Beyond The Pines and staying in a hotel together, also they have showed their love on the red carpet, while cuddling on it in the movie premier.
Ryan seems to be a good man, because he has tried to calm a street fight that he saw in order to stop them he had to go between them, but know he regrets doing that, because it only brought him a lot of attention, that he does not want to have, not this way. So Ryan Gosling girlfriend can be calm and happy with this kind of guy, because she can be sure that he will always protect her.

ryan gosling girlfriend

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