Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

Ryan has a long list of females that could have been called at a particular time as Ryan Seacrest girlfriend. The host of American Idol seems to be popular among women. In 2003 Shana Wall got to be called as Ryan Seacrest girlfriend and her status was like this for two years. The famous singer and actress state that their relationship was quite difficult. Because they used to brake-up and come back together as a couple again, and after their on-and-of relationship they have remained as good friends.

And the current Ryan Seacrest girlfriend is – no girlfriend

In 2005 he was photographer with Pauline Rubio and immediately she was called as Ryan Seacrest girlfriend, even though their relationship lasted for a short amount of time. She is a famous Mexican singer and actress and has been nominated for different awards for her work. Thus, they were photographed while kissing now Pauline is married and has a child from another man.

Another one woman that could be named as Ryan Secrest girlfriend is Holly Huddleston. She is mostly known because she used to participate in the reality show Sunset Tan. And then there was Sophie Monk and they spend some time together walking around and talking, but there was no prove that they have been together as a couple although the rumor has spread about them.

In the year 2009 Ryan Seacrest girlfriend was rumored to be a Playboy Playmate of the year 2008, named Sarah Jean Underwood. They were seen together spending their New Year’s holiday in Caribbean. Although they spend only their holiday together, people called her as Ryan Secrest girlfriend.

Natasha Leggaro was also rumored to be with Ryan, but there were no prof about their relationship, no photos anything, so this was never proved and it seems that this was not true at all.

Julianne Hough was the latest Ryan Seacrest girlfriend and they spent two years together. Ryan states himself that their relationship has broken off because they did not manage to find enough time for each other. Even though their relationship seemed to be perfect and they spoke about themselves only in a good way, Ryan has told for one radio that he would even like to marry her, because she is so perfect and good and that he loved her a lot.

But after two years together something must have gone wrong. Ryan Seacrest girlfriend and Ryan broke up and were left alone again for the reasons that are known for them only.

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