Salman Khan Girlfriend

It looks like Salman Khan girlfriend is Iulia Vantur, but there are plenty of rumors about their relationship that might not be so nice for them. It appears that Salman’s love life is really important for the media and there are plenty of reports about it just as there are reports about his movies. It looks like the rumors have it that Iulia can no longer be called as Salman Khan girlfriend, but there are no real facts to base this kind of opinion and no open statements to the media about their relationship coming to an end. It looks like a source has stated that there was one big reason why Salman had to end his relationship with Salman Khan girlfriend and that is because his family did not want to see them together as a couple and wanted them to break up.

And the current Salman Khan girlfriend is – Iulia Vantur

It looks like Salman has had other important relationship in his life and before Iulia Salman Khan girlfriend was Katrina Kaif, but as soon as they ended their relationship he got together with Iulia so the actress and television presenter must have had something that Salman liked. It looks like Salman really wanted to be with her, because according to some sources he has even gave her a place to stay in Mumbai. Thus one reason why his family did not want Salman Khan girlfriend to be with him was that she has been previously married, and this looks ridiculous because it is not serious enough to make Salman leave her.
But then Salman family found out that she is still married to one German musician and it looks like even though Salman had gotten hi visa in order to go to London he decided to stay and to sort this problem out with his family. It looks like Salman Khan girlfriend denies that she is married. Thus his family has decided that they should part their ways and that she is not appropriate for Salman. And it looks like maybe their plan to separate them might have worked because Salman Khan girlfriend have packed her bags and went back to Romania alone and he was left in his country where he has been seen hanging out together with his friends and having dinner and then partying in a club. So it is not known in a clear way if he is single of if she is still Salman Khan girlfriend, but time will show what is happening in their relationship.

salman khan girlfriend salman khan girlfriend

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